Mandeville Dentist Discusses Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a very serious condition that can have detrimental consequences for an individuals’ health as well as their appearance. The early stages of this disease are referred to as gingivitis. The gums are initially red and swollen due to inflammation from the bacteria present. Gingivitis is formed by the toxic bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. Gums become red, swollen, and bleed easily because of the sensitivity. At this time, however; the process can be reversed with proper care and treatment. The initial step to avoid gum disease is quite simple. It is important to brush your teeth on a regular basis at least two times per day. Be aware that consistency is extremely important. By brushing on a regular basis, you will be removing the bacteria on your teeth’s external surface. Visit to schedule an appointment for a dental checkup.

Thorough brushing is important to enter the gums’ pockets so that the dangerous bacteria located there will be eliminated. Make it a habit to clean each and every tooth and each and every section of the gum. When you are brushing your gums make certain that the toothbrush’s bristles are pointed under the gum line. By doing this, you’re disrupting the growth of bacteria in the gums. Furthermore, you’re stopping the development of any plaque. You shouldn’t be laid back and simply brush the general parts of your teeth due to the fact that all the germs that have not been removed will produce and multiply. Another good practice is flossing on a daily basis. This step is recommended to improve one’s dental health.

If gingivitis is not addressed, a more serious condition, periodontitis can result. Periodontal disease causes the gums to separate from the tooth resulting in destroying gum tissue. As the bone is lost, the tooth is loosened and eventually falls out. Although this is a painless process, it can be quite destructive with long term effects.

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